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Ikon Technologies

A Dealer Branded Retention Platform

We leverage your customer data to drive new and used service, parts, and repurchase revenue

at no cost to you.


No-Cost Lot Management

  • Locate your cars and keys anytime
  • 45-min. reduction in buyer wait time
  • 22-min. stolen vehicle recovery time
  • $3,000 dealer theft reimbursement
  • 56% reduction in floorplan audit time

Dealer Retention Platform

  • Our technology passes to the customer as a tangible value-add
  • Drives a $300 non-cancelable PVR
  • With a 63% average penetration rate
  • Keep in contact with ‘000s of customers for 5 years or more

Dealer Branded App

  • Put your brand in their hands
  • Used by customers up to 15x/month
  • For connected car location benefits
  • Up to $10K in stolen car warranties
  • 3-clicks to set a service appointment

Dealer Smart Marketing

  • Fully managed retention program
  • Telematics-driven service alerts
  • 12% average conversion rate
  • Drives $10K+ in profit per month
  • >250 customer engagements per year

Customers stay connected to their car through your brand, building brand awareness

Our dealer apps get used by your customers up to 15x/mo.

Administered by Ikon for your brand. Our schedulers set service appointments for you,

Our Smart Marketing platform has a 12% conversion rate – double nearly all other digital marketing tools

Car locations with 24/7 stolen vehicle recovery

Service and Safety alerts from mileage-triggered maintenance reminders, speed notifications, and geo-fenced location data

“It is unlike any of the ancillary products that you normally sell…
With Ikon on the vehicle not only did we add a huge benefit to the client, but we didn’t have any upfront cost. It was a no-brainer”

Lyman King,
F&I Director Freeman Honda

“Ikon, I’ll tell you; it’s been a saving grace for us because not only is it the product that you’re getting, but the personnel. Our clients love it, it’s great for the dealership, and it’s great for the employees as well.”

Dorian Jimenez,
Owner Classic Chevrolet OKC