Sam Mahrouq

Sam Mahrouq serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ikon Technologies, a vertical expansion of his sprawling business products and services in the automotive industry. This innovative company is only one of his entrepreneurial enterprises organized into the MEI Group (Mahrouq Enterprises International). Under this business umbrella are 11 car dealerships, a prominent Dollar Rent-a-Car franchise, and MEI Auto Finance.

Sam is a 1991 graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington School of Business, choosing the university for what he terms a superior and practical education. While attending school, he sold his vehicle to an individual who was overjoyed with his customer service and price. His business acumen showed him that selling used automobiles was fruitful and, in many ways, helpful to others. Before too long, he was selling used vehicles in Texas, and all over the world, quickly making a name for himself in the automotive industry.

Sam credits his successes to always adhering to best practices, looking for the win-win, and not exploiting others. He believes in giving back to the community. He has funded the $500,000 UTA School of Business Financial Markets Lab and continues to be involved in his alma mater by volunteering. Most recently, he was named to the Board of UTA’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Innovation.

ikon Technologies is the proud recipient of several awards and accolades for its innovations and contributions under Sam’s leadership over the years. In 2020, ikon was named one of The Silicon Review’s 50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2020. It was also named one of CIO Review’s Most Promising Automotive Solution Providers of 2020.

Our Leadership

Our vision is to transform the dealer-driver relationship into a connection that lasts a lifetime.


Christopher Lam

Chris serves as the President of Ikon Technologies, a SAAS company specializing in automotive geo-intelligence and real-time informatics that transform the dealer – driver relationship into a next gen connected experience. Accountable for running all facets of the business, Chris is responsible for leading by example and ensuring that every team member has the guidance, support, and resources to be successful. He is a leader who focuses on collaboration and a team-first attitude which has strengthened and united the entire Ikon organization.

Previously, Chris had been a part of SiriusXM Radio since 2002 ultimately driving all aspects of their end-to-end business with global OEM brands such as Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Kia, and Mitsubishi. As SVP of Automotive Partnerships, Chris and his team were responsible for working with the OEMs and Dealers on product planning, engineering integration, IT data exchange, marketing, and all financial aspects of the partnerships. Prior to SiriusXM, Chris started his career at the CommonFund specializing in venture capital investments on behalf of college and university endowments across the US.

As a graduate of the Stanford Business School, Chris brings with him an innovative approach to business combined with a humble, empowering leadership style that has galvanized the Ikon team. Chris is highly devoted to his family and his wife of 16 years, Kristin, and he has two girls and two boys. Coaching his children in their sports is a passion of Chris’, and additionally he is an active member of his local Church where he volunteers his time with the youth program.

Executive Vice President

Walid Joulani

Walid Joulani brings over 35 years of owning and operating auto dealerships to Ikon Technologies. In his experience, he has the expertise of knowing the logistics and operational challenges among all departments and coming up with solutions.

Walid went to the University of Texas at Arlington in Aerospace Engineering/Aviation Commercial Pilot. He is third generation in the auto industry, getting into aerospace engineering to escape the family business. But it was in his blood. Walid bought and sold cars while in college, opening his first dealership in Arlington in 1987. He also began his real estate investments around that time. He expanded that to owning and operating 10 locations of new franchise and pre-owned vehicles. He owned and operated dealerships in many cities.

Walid also serves on several advisory boards and community charity organizations. He served on the National Subaru Dealer Advisory Board, is a member of the NIADA, NADA, TIADA and TADA and was among the top Texas Retail Subaru Dealers.

Walid stresses how important it is to make a difference. He finds it important to take care of the customers and the staff. Dedication and doing the right thing all of the time for your customers and business, being consistent, that’s what is important to Walid. “To succeed and make money, you must take care of your customers and staff. Doing the right thing leads to success for everyone.”

As dealers, we should embrace and accept changes to improve our business. Technology has changed so much in people’s lives and Walid recognizes and embraces that. “We are constantly changing for the better. A lot of what we do will be done through technology. Technology is the future, and we need to make sure to react early enough to it.”

Walid knows the ins and outs of every department in a dealership, making Ikon a better solution. “The logistics of operating a franchise dealership gives our technology the edge because we know how to overcome these challenges from inside the dealerships.” Walid believes in continuously working on improving the Ikon technology to overcome the challenges in a dealership’s operation.

Chief Sales Officer

Charles Stilwill

Charles Stilwill is Chief Revenue Officer for Ikon Technologies the premier telematics firm in providing connected car technology to the automotive industry. Along with his staff of industry specialists, Charles enjoys helping consumers and franchise dealers take advantage of cutting-edge technology to keep connected to their vehicles and consumers. With over 25 years’ experience in software, executive management, and sales, in automotive industry, Charles’ ability to work with a wide variety of clients is unmatched in the industry. During his leisure time Charles enjoys spending time with his family and doing many outdoor activities.
Chief Operating Officer

Jorge Guerrero

Jorge A. Guerrero (Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer), brings to Ikon Technologies an interesting background of a bi-cultural experience in entrepreneurship (Auto One Acceptance and Mexico Analytica) in combination with a successful professional track record with multi-billion corporations in Mexico (GNP Seguros) and in the US (Solera Holdings) primarily in the areas of Operations, Finance and Strategy. In addition to his current role at Ikon, Jorge is part of the Board of Directors of AIG Mexico, also he has been a part of Endeavor Mexico since 2010 where he has assisted three different entrepreneurs as a member of their advisory boards. Jorge holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City) and a MPA from Harvard University. Jorge has ran five marathons and enjoys traveling with his family (Ceci, Pato and Eduardo) as well as playing paddle tennis and golf.
Chief Production Officer

Mark Virag

Mark Virag is Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Ikon Technologies, where he leads product innovation and evolution. Prior to joining PEN, Mark held senior-level technology positions with BMW Finance, AutoNation Finance, and MenuVantage. He is a leader in the field of web-based systems for in the automotive industry, having developed the first two such systems, BMW InfoBahn and AutoNation Express, in addition to consulting on two later systems, Dealer Track and Route One. As a consultant, Mark has worked on eCommerce solutions for GMAC, Open Dealer Exchange, F&I Express, and Route One.
Mark holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Ross School of Business.
Chief Technology Officer

Sammy Halimi

Sammy serves as the Chief Technology Officer(CTO) for Ikon Technologies. He has 20+ years of experience in technology management. Sammy started his career as software engineer and held technology leadership roles in various business domains including financial, marketing and IoT. Sammy is one of the early pioneers in Telematics and connected car and holds several patents in the space. prior to joining ikon, Sammy served as the CTO for Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS), an insurance telematics provider that was acquired by TrakGlobal. Sammy also served as SVP of Connected Devices at Sirius XM, where he launched a Connected Vehicle platform and built several OEM connected vehicle solutions including Toyota/Lexus Safety Connect, Hyundai Bluelink, Chrysler Uconnect, and several others.

Our People Matter!

Our people aren’t just employees – they are our Why!

As an integral part of our success, our team and the expertise they bring is pivotal in creating connections that matter!

We have been able to bring together the best, the brightest and the most passionate automotive and technology experts from around the industry to transform the dealer-driver relationship.

We are always challenging ourselves, inspiring each other and delivering the best value for our customers and our business.

We are family!

Meet The Team

Ray Anderson

VP of Sales

Nathan Bernard

Dealer Success Consultant Manager

Luis Contreras

Dealer Success Consultant Manager

Teri Dorsey-Porter

Director of Marketing

Izudin Durmisevic

Dealer Success Consultant

Michael Dykes

Dealer Success Consultant

Brandon Forbin

Dealer Success Consultant

Bruce Forrett

Regional Sales Director

Andrew Fortin

VP of Sales

Eric Goselin

Regional Sales Director

Chad Hudson

Regional Sales Director

Vasili Kambouris

Dealer Success Consultant

James Kratochvil

Dealer Success Consultant

Jay Law

SVP of Sales

Zaid Mahrouq


Shawn Maiorino

VP of Sales

Christos Mylonas

Dealer Success Consultant Manager

Cayla Pagels

Executive Assistant

Antoinette Peters


Tristan Rojas

Dealer Success Consultant

Anthony Rondinone

Dealer Success Consultant

Sara Salinas

Dealer Success Consultant

Johnny Silva

Regional Sales Director

Retha Simmons-Weidner

Regional Sales Director

Zayne Slater

Dealer Success Consultant

Rick Smith

Regional Sales Director

Ken Tague

Regional Sales Director

Paul Tatalovich

Regional Sales Director

Lester Watkins

Dealer Success Consultant

Matthew West

Regional Sales Director

Will Worosylla

VP of Sales