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Why Customer Data Matters

You have spent years building your dealership and, more importantly, your brand in the eyes of your customers and the community. As you’ve grown, you’ve encountered some potential partners to help manage your assets, like your floor plan.

Another major asset you have is your customer data. You know your customers and how to maintain relationships with them. After the sale, you want to bring your customers back through your doors, whether for service, parts, or the next sale. Having control of that customer data means you can reach your customers time and again.

Ikon Technologies is designed by dealers for dealers. We don’t make money off your data — we only make money when you sell a car. We help you set service appointments through a dealer-branded app and branded call center. That way, the only name your customers see is yours.

Your Data Is Yours

Silicon Valley software firms want that data so they can profit from it. They’ll offer your business management solutions — with their brand name on them — and sell your data back to you by charging your business for sales leads. They’ll also aggregate that data, package it, and sell it to other dealers hungry to build their business off of your hard work.

Why bother when that data is yours to begin with?

Ikon is a retention marketing platform that leverages the data that you own to drive revenue growth — at no cost to you. Ikon works behind the scenes to give dealers the tools to build their company’s brand. When you win a sale, we win. It’s that simple.

Your data means more than just the next new car sale with that client. Knowing who your customers are helps position your business better in the marketplace and keeps your customers coming back for service.

Even more importantly for your bottom line, using Ikon to retain your data lets you market your dealership’s other offerings to your customers with no hassle. Your customer’s new car purchases will need maintenance and repair before they buy their next new car, so your goal is to keep them coming back for service and parts. You understand that it’s harder and more costly to bring a new customer through your doors than it is to maintain repeat business. Using Ikon means you have control over your customer information and can better market these high-yield services and products in between new car sales.

Keep Your Data, Keep Your Customers

Ikon drives a $300 per vehicle retention rate by helping you stay in contact with thousands of your customers for five years or more. We put your brand in your customers’ hands daily, allowing them to schedule a service appointment in just three clicks via the app we build with your dealership in mind.

Remember, that app has your name on it — not Autotrader, not Those third-party Silicon Valley ventures improve their brand with your data. Ikon, on the other hand, wants to build YOUR brand with your data. Ikon was founded by dealers who knew there had to be a better way of running a franchised dealership — and they went and did it.

Ikon keeps your customer data safely in your hands, working for you. Ikon Technologies puts all of this capability into the hands of your customers with a custom-branded app — with your dealership name on it. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. This custom-branded app puts your name in the hands of your customers — not ours.

Your Customers Trust You, Not Some No-Name App

Consumers are wary about what private, personal information about themselves is out there, ready to be either seized by some hacker or exploited by some website using a generic application to harvest their data. That cautious customer will be more at ease when they see that the dealer dashboard you use has your name on it, not the name of some third party.

They trust you. If they didn’t trust you and your dealership, they wouldn’t have walked through the door. Show your customers that you respect them and their personal information by not packaging it and shipping it off to someone else. Those companies will use that data to sell them services — usually sending them somewhere other than to your doorstep.

Those companies are big targets for hackers looking to exploit lots of personal information, too. On the other hand, you can keep your data local and safe when you choose Ikon for your lot management solution.

Trust Yourself With Your Data, Not Someone Else

You can’t live without your automaker. After all, they build the products that you sell. But your business isn’t just about selling cars. It’s about building relationships with your valued customers, so they’ll return to you year after year when it’s time for something new or to get service.

At the end of the day, whether your business wins or loses comes down to making a sale — whether at the front door with new car and preowned sales, at the side door with parts and accessories, or at the back door with service.

You’ve done the hard part of getting your customer in the door the first time. You know who this customer is. You know their name, their phone number, and their email. Don’t let someone else use that important info against you. Partner with Ikon’s acclaimed solutions to keep your data in your hands.

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