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ARLINGTON, Texas, Dec. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Thanks to the $500,000 donation by entrepreneur and telematics leader in the automotive industry, Sam Mahrouq, chairman of ikonGPS, The College of Business at The University of Texas at Arlington now provides for students an active financial markets laboratory—integral to the success of graduates destined to become leaders and influencers in the global economy.

Mahrouq graduated in 1991 from UTA with a major in journalism and minor in business. While attending college, the native of Amman, Jordan sold used cars to pay for his education and living expenses. Upon graduation, he established MEI Group. Today the multi-dimensional company focuses on six business lines, including auto sales, financing, real estate, and innovative technology solutions.

Among his newest enterprises in MEI Group is Ikon Technologies, whose products are in such demand that operations are now expanding into Mexico and South America. "We are helping franchise dealers increase their profitability—and attain customer satisfaction and loyalty in greater numbers," says Mahrouq.

His love for buying and selling was inspired by his father, a school principal and part-time trader, and today he wants to spread "the trading bug" among college students, particularly those whom he recognizes are not likely to be as lucky as he has been, Mahrouq says.

"I would not have been as successful if I had not been introduced to trading early," Mahrouq emphasizes. "I want to provide tools for students at my alma mater to become intrigued and energized with buying and selling. That's why I funded the Financial Markets lab on campus. Students now have access to real-world experiences when they step onto the trade floor."

About The College of Business, The University of Texas at Arlington
UTA's College of Business, located in the vibrant economic region of North Texas, prepares more than 6,000 students each year for roles as leaders and influencers in the global community. The Sam Mahrouq Financial Markets Lab includes the Bloomberg software system with near real-time data; up-to-the-minute analytics, and information covering every asset class and spanning companies, industries, markets, countries, and regions. The Princeton Review named UTA as one of the "Best of the West" in its 2019 Best Colleges: Region by Region rankings, and Forbes ranked the school No. 191 nationally on its 2018 Best Value Colleges list.

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