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About Sam Mahrouq

Sam Mahrouq is an entrepreneur and global businessman who serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of iKon Technologies.  Sam, a child of refugees, is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington College of Business and serves as Chairman and CEO of several other business entities which fall under or are affiliated with his flagship company Mahrouq Enterprises International, Inc. (MEI, Inc.) including eleven auto dealerships, a Dollar-Rent-A-Car franchise, MEI Auto Finance, and a real estate investment group.  His business philanthropy focuses on ethics and on not exploiting others around him as he constantly seeks and creates win-win opportunities as a businessman.

Among his current ventures is iKon Technologies (iKon) which is headquartered in Arlington, offers innovative technology solutions built specifically to serve automotive dealers throughout the country.  Building upon his own experiences as a dealer, Sam created iKon to solve the growing demands and needs of dealer owners and managers through advanced telematics technology.  Ikon Technologies’ growth rate has surpassed predictions many times over and is quickly becoming a top telematics company in the industry.

About iKon Technologies

Ikon Technologies is a telematics industry leader providing customized software solutions and technology tools on a state-of-the-art platform.  Built not only to answer the demands of dealers but also to provide peace of mind for owners, iKon Technologies has built a strong reputation for developing cutting-edge technology solutions designed to meet the evolving need of our clients and their customers It is headquartered at the center of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex in Arlington, Texas, where it is that city’s biggest technology company, iKon Technologies.

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