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Lot Management ROI

Maintaining the right inventory in the right place at the right time is a critical function of any business that sells products. It’s especially important in your dealership, where cars can be scattered across multiple locations. A dealership can’t afford to turn away a customer because the car they want to test drive is lost on the lot.

Choosing the no-cost lot management solutions from Ikon Technologies allows your dealership to keep track of each vehicle on your lot. Ikon helps you maintain control over your inventory, which helps your team stay focused on making the sale.

Ikon Technologies puts all of this capability into the hands of your customers with a custom-branded app — with your dealership name on it. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. This custom-branded app puts your name in the hands of your customers — not ours, and not the name of some Silicon Valley venture looking to profit off your good name and valuable data.

Advanced Car and Key Tracking for Lower Customer Wait Times

Your customers don’t want to spend all day buying their new car. They walk in intending to drive home with something new, knowing they can find what they want across town at another franchise. So why make them wait?

Ikon’s dealer-branded app and easy-to-install telematics technology system give you instant visibility for every car and every key on your lot. This leads to a 45-minute reduction in buyer wait time. Those 45 minutes could be the difference between a high or a low CSI score, or it could be the difference between a sale and a walk.

Reduced Stolen Car Recovery Time

We’ve all been there. It happens. Vehicles disappear from the lot. With Ikon, you always know where your cars are. And if the unthinkable happens, your vehicle will be recovered much more quickly than with other solutions — in an average of 22 minutes. Ikon has a 99.7% recovery rate, with a proven track record of quickly engaging with law enforcement authorities.

That means your car is recovered more quickly and goes back on the lot in less time. Moreover, Ikon has a $3,000 dealer theft deductible with built-in identity theft and fraud protection.

Ikon knows that keeping your inventory and your data protected is a critical way to ensure the long-term success of your business. We help you retain all of your critical customer information since it’s always easier to keep an existing customer than to go out and get a new one. We help you ensure the long-term viability of that data, helping you get your customers back through your doors for service and parts.

Reduction in Floor Plan Audit Time

As a dealer principal, your time is precious. Every minute of doing something means one less minute of doing something else. Walking your lot and counting your inventory VIN by VIN means less time doing the things that help you grow your business.

With Ikon’s dealer-focused app, you save that time with a 56% reduction in floor plan audit time. Since you know what is on your lot and where, you and your team can go out and confidently sell — with less time wasted on administrative tasks.

That 56% reduction in floor plan audit time means a 56% increase in the time you spend making your inventory work for you. It’s a 56% increase in the time you can spend growing your entire business. And it’s a 56% increase in the potential time you could get away and spend with the ones you love.

Ikon is a dealer-branded retention marketing program. You aren’t putting someone else’s label on your app or inventory. You’ve spent years building your business. Put your name and your hard-won customer goodwill front and center.

Better yet, use Ikon to bring your customers back through the door time and again. That first sale is just the tip of the iceberg. Every sale — new or preowned — is an opportunity to bring customers to service and parts. Maintain that high CSI score and customer experience throughout your business by leveraging Ikon’s proprietary, dealer-focused technologies.

No-Cost Lot Management

Ikon only makes money when you make a sale. Therefore, you have no initial investment in the time, cost, and security savings benefits of Ikon’s dealer-branded application and easy-to-install technology system.

This means your buyers get timely, personalized maintenance alerts over an app with your dealer name on it. All of the telematic data generated by this easy-to-use system belongs to your business. That way, you can focus on using that data to help grow your business rather than relinquishing it to some third party and paying to get it back.

Built By Dealers for Dealers

Other companies offer services and technologies to handle vehicle security and lot management. Even some of the OEMs you franchise with will offer some solutions — but they charge you for it. Further, the OEM will put their brand name on any app or service alert — not yours. That means all of the hard work you put into selling a car and building your brand is for naught. The OEM will remind your customers that they can go anywhere for service and parts.

Ikon, on the other hand, doesn’t put any brand name but yours on the app or service reminders. Ikon works behind the scenes to help you bring those customers back time and again. You want them coming into your franchise for service, not your competitor across town. Ikon gives you patented SMS Smart Marketing to engage your customers with your brand. And Ikon backs it up with real dealer support whenever you need it.

Ikon was built by dealers for dealers. We aren’t a Silicon Valley startup looking to profit from your hard-won customer data. We offer solutions to help you run your business right and keep running it right for years to come.

Ikon is here to help you succeed at no cost to you. With proven, revenue-growing results and a dealer-focused approach, we are here to make your business better.

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